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We are a young, modern team which goes with the change of time. Our range of services contents the consultation, planning and provision of an intelligent controlled object. You as our building owner define the degree of expansion stage. We do not shrink back from special requirements. Especially these requirements require our knowledge and prove our ability to find individual solutions for your request. Self-explanatory also classical situations belong to our job and will also be taken serious and will be treated with utmost care.

Smarthome - Range of Services


What is Smarthome?

Smarthome implies a simply controlled and adaptable property.

Smarthome implies a simply controlled and adaptable property. It just works smart without a lot of effort. Every imaginable issue like lighting, ventilation, music or video so whatever you need at home can be controlled by your smartphone, tablet or computer. It is possible to combine all functioning channels. You can easily retrieve them everywhere, anytime. Because it involves highly sensitive data we ensure that they are only accessible for you.
Smarthome - Funkgesteuert

Why Smarthome?

The main aim of the Smarthome is to make your life easier.

It independently finds out whether you need light or not in a situation. In addition it calculates which and how much light you need. As you come home yourself do not have to put on the music anymore. Your Smarthome is going to do that for you. Thus at the push of a bottom, for example, the good-night button, can turn off all current sources or change the light scene. All of this you can do with your smartphone. You can access the data saved by the Smarthome from almost everywhere in the world with your phone. If your postman is at the door and no one is at home as your Smarthome found out you can communicate with him via your smartphone.

Why Smarthome?

Smart Management

Unlimited control with any gadget

Design your to be controlled components suit your own preferences in design and function. This can depend on the particular room or the field of issue.

Therefore look up our examples for smartphone and tablet display.

Smarthome Examples of use

A Smarthome wants to make your life easier.

Smarthome Examples of use


How do we make your Smarthome possible?

We decisively use Loxone. Hereby we talk about a young, aspriring company which produces and develops her products in Austria. Their products are thought out and easy adapt in their visualization. If the client has different definite ideas than we will be glad to talk about it.

Smarthome Light


Light up your home, inside and outside depending on the time or the situation. With the help of RGB lighting your color choice is unlimited. Upon request, we also install you an audio-video triggered lightning scene control.

Smarthome Temperature


My means of hidden temperature sensors we can selectively, at different places in a room, determine the temperature. Depending on the size of the room several temperature sensors can be used and thereby create a comfortable average room temperature. This temperature can be used for the control of a ventilation system, air-condition or heating technology.

Smarthome Heating


Through electric actuators you are able to decide on the exact heating temperature. Hereby you can choose between a corded or adapter based version.

Smarthome Smoke detectors

Smoke detectors

System-integrated smoke detectors have many advantages in comparison to the customary version. The integrated smoke detector is able to recognize the situation and depending on that act. When someone is in the house it can ring an acoustic alarm for example. If no one is at home it could be possible to call the property owner or create a connection to a choosen one phone number.

Smarthome Audio-Video


Every person prefers a different type of music. By means of music servers we are able to manage almost any kind of music central. You can easily create playlists on your tablet or smartphone which can be saved and used at different places to create a comfortable music flair. In addition pictures and streams from your camera can be played on every integrated device. These devices can be TV's, tablets, smartphones and notebooks. So please, imagine you cook and someone rings at the door. If that happens your tablet connects with the installed Video-Audio-communication and you do not have to stop your cooking. You can act as the need arises.

Smarthome Specialized sensors

Specialized sensors

Measuring sensors have no limit. We can connect almost every measuring sensor to different types of technology. At the moment we successfully processed: KNX, RIB, MOD-Bus, CAN-Bus, Profi-Bus. Every interface technology has its own historical preferences. What would be a specialized sensor? For example CO2-measuring or particle size measuring to only mention a few.

Added value

Ecological and sustainable

Smarthome - Ecological and sustainableBy using tuneable components you are clearly a proponent of environment protection. You are willing to take responsibility and stand by the result of your actions. In your everyday life you have consciously decide for an environmentally friendly use of energy and resource-conserving handling. With our Smarthome installation you can check when your property consumes energy and how much. It does not matter if it is water, electricity or gas. You can easily look at the data any time. Thereby we have the opportunity to create an energetic optimum. In addition we can switch to other technical devices which may be even more ecological or sustainable. Consequently you do not waste energy on unnecessary duration because you define it.


Smarthome SavingWith our system you give yourself the option of discovering and recognizing potential savings. We are only the one who shows you the way and accompanies you at your request. In addition to the classic disclosure of energy consumption, you can generally already reduce consumption. Because the light does not switch on until the daylight level gets too low, the air circulation is activated when it is needed, or even if your lawn is only watered when it is really necessary. You can see when you where and how much energy you are using. With active use of the Smarthome you not only save money by controlled consumption, but also the added value of the resource-saving handling.

House is ready - What next?

Get wireless

Do not worry, our technology for the Smarthome can still be installed. There are many alternative options with wireless systems we can use. So you do not have to remove your walls or install meters of cable channels. Radio/wireless is your working system.

Control diverse components with the aid of wireless technology

You can control light scenes, measured values, temperatures, weather situations, moisture so almost a lot of possible kinds of consum via radio/wireless. Because new components are developed all the time it is possible to add new time after time or switch/change with little effort.

Place switches wherever you want to

Through the self-sufficient energy supply of switches it is possible to place them wherever you want to. The installation sort does not need any power supply. The optimized energy management of the switches normally work for many years. When necessary it is easy to change the batteries.

Video & Audio Streaming via wireless

You can decide any time where your audio and video-data can be portrayed. Through the application of an Audio-Video Server different sources can be played on different playback devices.

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LIVE VIEW Commercial Property

If you click/push the button below you directly will see our house. There you can take a look at factors like our energetic consumption, the room temperature or the amount of people in the room.


Live View

Smarthome Realizations

Smarthome Berlin / double-D-IT own office/commercial property

Become part of the changing process of a car workshop with an integrated car wash, an industrial bakery up to modern IT-Systemhouses with Co-Working-Space.

Smarthome Berlin / Near Ku´Damm

Here you can find a cooking island with framed RGB-scene lightning. To see how much fun it was to create this property take a closer look at the following pictures.

Smarthome Berlin / Siemensstadt

Here you find a modern property which offers so many on so little space. A video intercom up to a ventilation control and gas heater control are only a few of the integrated functions. By means of scene lightning the property can be shown in optimal light.

Smarthome Berlin / Lichtenrade

Here you can find a smart controlled single-family house. The doors and windows open electrical and in the garden you find an irrigation system. To ensure the safety one can find alarm systems. Every such point can be managed by tablet or smartphone.

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